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The Prayer of Resolution

Job got up one morning and prayed just as he always did. Yet, in the horrific next few hours he received one report after another detailing the complete loss of every aspect of his business and the death of each of his ten children. To make matters worse, the next day, his body was covered in screaming open wounds.

When he looked for encouragement, all he got from his friends was accusation and condemnation. When he prayed, all he got from God was distance and silence.

Job was painfully honest in voicing his frustration, disappointment and questions. But he made a good decision that showed his true colors. In his anguish, He offered a powerful prayer of resolution, “Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him” (Job 13:15).

Several years ago, I woke up with a terrible chronic illness. My immune system went to war. I was in constant pain. I became allergic to about everything. My blood sugar crashed. I was totally exhausted. I was very weak.

Doctors were baffled and could not do anything to help me. I prayed and God did not hell me.

What was so bad was it did not go away. I was sick for one year. Then another year and then a third year. When I got to the end of the third year and I was still so sick, I struggled to keep from being mad at God.

Then one day I got a card from my mom. My mom had plenty of health problems of her own yet, that did not let it stop her. The essence of her card said, “Quit griping and get going again.”

As I read it, I almost laughed out loud. I had come way too far with God in my life to give up on Him now. So finally, I began to pray what I call a prayer of resolution.

God, I will worship You and serve You even if…

Even if I never get well.

Even if You never answered my prayers.

Even if You never gave me any explanation.

A funny thing happened. I began to get noticeably better.

Getting better was still a very slow process. My immune system still has issues. But overall, I am very healthy.

But even if I was not getting better, even if I only got worse, God would still be worth of my loyalty and service. I deserve eternal death and He has given me eternal life and abundant life. Even if He never said another thing to me, did another thing for me, gave another thing to me, He would still deserve all the love and devotion I can give Him.

One day I will be “all better.” When I say, “better” I mean, “BETTER!” I will walk the streets of heaven in a brand-new, pain-free, tireless, non-allergic, glorious, incorruptible body. No more fatigue! No more weakness! No more exhaustion! No more pain! I not only will be “as good as I used to be,” but I will be much better than I ever imagined!

Maybe you are in a difficult season. Sickness, sorrow suffering may be surrounding you.

When you pray today, pray a Prayer of Resolution.

God, I resolve to love you, serve you, trust you and obey you no matter what,

even if things only get worse.

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