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The Prayer of Intercession

Love on its knees” is the definition and description Dick Eastman gives to intercessory prayer. 1 The prayer of intercession describes the act of going to God and pleading on behalf of another. It is praying for the ones you love.

Why Pray for Others

1. Praying for others is a great privilege and a necessary obligation. As a holy priesthood (1 Peter 2:4), a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9), and a kingdom of priests (Revelation 1:5) our major role as new covenant believers is intercession on behalf of others. When we exercise this priestly office by praying for others we link our hearts with Jesus, the great High Priest as He does the same. We partner with Jesus in bringing the needs of others to our Father’s throne.

2. We are commanded to pray for others. Paul urged that, “first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people.” (1 Timothy 2:1-2). James said that we are to “pray for one another.” (James 5:16).

3. Praying for others plays a role in their salvation. The great Puritan preacher Charles Spurgeon said, “Many of us trace our conversion, if we go to the root of it, to the prayers of certain godly persons.”

4. God loves to answer our prayers when we pray others. James said that such prayers of a righteous person is “powerful and effective.” (James 5:16).

Reading through Biblical examples of intercession reveals that praying for others has gotten significant results:

1. Because of Abraham’s intercessory prayers, the Lord would have saved sinful Sodom…if there were only ten righteous people there. (Genesis 18:20-33).

2. Moses’s selfless intercession for the rebellious Israelis caused the Lord to change His mind and not destroy them. (Exodus 32:9-14).

3. Peter’s shattered confidence was eventually and powerfully restored because of Jesus’ prayer for him. (Luke 22:31-32; Acts 2:14-41).

4. Peter had the faith to pray for Dorcas and as a result, she was brought back to life (Acts 9:36-41).

5. The church prayed for Peter and as a result, an angel quietly busted him out of prison unnoticed. (Acts 12:5-17).

When you pray today, make sure to take some time and pray for others.

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