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The Adventure Begins

Today, I am excited as we launch a life-changing adventure in prayer.

When I was nine-years-old, my dad got me a job delivering newspapers in our town. There were some things I did not like about being a paperboy. Big barking dogs scared me. People who never seemed to be able to come up with the money to pay their bill frustrated me. And delivering newspapers in the rain was never fun.

But there was one thing I immediately liked. I discovered that after I delivered my last paper my route home took me past the local Baskin Robbins ice cream shop. There I could purchase a strawberry ice cream cone.

The first few days of strawberry ice creams cones were wonderful… until disaster struck. As usual, after I had delivered my last paper, I popped in the door of Baskin Robbins. However, this time when the man behind the counter saw me, he sadly shook his head. “Sorry kid,” he said. “We ran out of strawberry and won’t get any more for a while.”

I must have looked like I was going to cry because he quickly added, “But don’t worry. We have 30 more flavors. Have you ever tried butter pecan?”

I shook my head skeptically.

He reached down and scooped out a huge cone of butter pecan. I hesitantly took a lick of the honey-colored ice cream with soft brown nuts and smiled. It was so smooth and creamy.

The next day, I tested watermelon ice. It was refreshingly tart yet, sweet.

Then I tasted blackberry. It was a lot like strawberry except it had more of a kick.

Day after day for the next week I would eagerly anticipate the next flavor in my ice cream odyssey. Over the next four weeks we will take a prayer odyssey as we learn new and exciting aspects of prayer.

The goal of the next 28 days is to lead you on your own prayer odyssey to deepen and strengthen your relationship with God. If you apply what you read, you will find your prayer life to be wonderfully expanded and renewed as you learn to approach God in fresh ways. This 28-Day prayer journey is an adventure that will change your life!

Five Suggestions for More Effective Prayer

1. Read the daily devotional each day.

2. Watch the corresponding video of the day and pray in response to what was discussed.

3. Choose a time to pray. It could be first thing in the morning, or over your lunch hour, or the last thing at night. The right time is the time that works for you. Determine a time to pray.

4. Determine an amount of time for prayer. I am asking you to pray five more minutes a day for the next 28 days.

5. Select a primary place for prayer. Moses used a tent. Jesus liked to pray outside. Your place for prayer could be at a desk, or the kitchen table, or on a walk, or in your car, or on your bed.

Father in Heaven help me as I launch this prayer journey. Draw me close to you. Expand my heart and grow my faith. Hear my cries and answer my prayers.

Adapted from the book, 28 Days to Powerful Prayer, Dave Earley, Barbour Books, 2020

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