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Praying the Bible

Possibly the most powerful person of prayer in the modern era is George Muller. He prayed in the resources to care for 10,000 orphans during his lifetime and to establish 100 schools which offered Christian education to more than 120,000 children. He did this without advertising or going into debt.

Mueller also circulated 100 million Bible tracts and pamphlets, 1.5 million New Testaments. He financially supported almost 200 missionaries. After he turned 70, he preached the gospel in 42 nations to approximately 3 million people!

How was all that possible?

In his journals, Mueller recorded over 50,000 answered prayers – 50,000!

Why was he so effective? It could be because he read through the Bible nearly 200 times mixing prayer with his Bible reading.

Muller said that the first few years of his Christian life he really struggled to focus and pray for a lengthy period of time. But when he began to pray the Scriptures, he rarely struggled to pray, he deepened his commune with the Father, and he began to see more answers.1

How do you pray the Scriptures?

Mueller said that as he read the Scriptures, “after a few minutes my soul was led to confession, or to thanksgiving, or to intercession, or to supplication…”2

So, when you pray look for:

· a reason to be thankful,

· a sin to confess,

· something to ask God for

· or a request you can offer on behalf of another.

Donald Whitney, states, “To pray the Bible, you simply go through the passage line by line, talking to God about whatever comes to mind as you read the text. See how easy it is? Anyone can do it.”4

Whitney continues, “If you don’t understand the meaning of that verse, go on to the next verse. If the meaning of that one is perfectly clear, but nothing comes to mind to pray about, go on to the next verse.” 5

Start today and mix your prayers with your Bible reading.

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