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Praying for your Spiritual Leaders

Spiritual victory may be linked to whether or not we pray for our spiritual leaders. We see this graphically displayed in the Old Testament:

Moses, Aaron, and Hur

Moses already had a tough assignment. He had to lead the massive, messy, rowdy, rabble of Israelis through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land. Then, to make things worse, the Amalekites attacked them.

This was not good as the Israelis didn’t even have an army.

Moses ordered Joshua to gather some men and go face the Amalekites in battle. Instead of fighting in the battle, Moses went to the top of a hill over-looking the battlefield. Then he stood on the hill between the battle and the Lord holding up his hands as a symbol of prayer (1 Timothy 2:8). Also, in one of his hands, he may had held the rod that God used as an instrument of miracles in the deliverance from the Egyptians (Exodus 7:19-20; 8:5-6; 8:16-17).

Amazingly, the ragtag Israel army won…but only as long as Moses held up his hands in prayer. When Moses’ arms got tired, the army lost.

Fortunately, there were two men, Aaron and Hur, who took seriously their responsibility to pray for their spiritual leader by holding up his hands. Their prayers supported Moses and his prayers supported Joshua and made all the difference between defeat and victory.

The army only experienced victory as Moses held up his hands in prayer for them.

But Moses only had the strength to pray for them as they held his hands up by praying for him.

Untapped Power

We need to pray for our spiritual leaders. Spiritual leaders need to recruit others to pray for them. It makes a difference.

Does praying for spiritual leaders really make a difference?

Nancy Pfaff surveyed 130 pastors, evangelists and missionaries who were each prayed for fifteen minutes a day for one year by a trained prayer warrior. Eighty-nine percent of those surveyed stated that the prayers had a positive effect on their ministry. They reported personal advancement as shown by better attitudes, improved personal prayer lives, more spiritual discernment and wisdom, increased leadership skills, enhanced effectiveness in using their spiritual gifts. They also saw a greater response to their ministry, as sixty percent indicated that their churches grew through reaching the un-churched. One pastor said his church grew from 15 to 600 people. Her research also discovered that daily prayer for the spiritual leaders was more effective than weekly or monthly prayer

She concluded: There exists a tremendous reservoir of untapped prayer power in every church which can be affirmed, trained, and deployed to see the lost won, the apathetic revived, the ‘backslider’ restored, and the committed made more effective.4

Former missionary and professor, Peter Wagner agreed, “The most underutilized source of spiritual power in our churches today is intercession for Christian leaders.”5

Take some time today and everyday to pray for your spiritual leaders

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