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Prayer that Sparks War in the Heavenlies

Never underestimate the power of prayer to spark spiritual warfare.

Sometimes we are sure we are aligned with God’s will and our hearts are right, but for some reason our prayers are not getting through. It could be because of spiritual warfare.

Daniel chapter 10 tells the amazing story of Daniel fasting and praying for 21 days with seemingly no response. Then suddenly the angel Gabriel chases through the Daniel. He explains that God sent Daniel’s answer the very day he began to pray. But the demonic prince of Persia withstood him for 21 days and wouldn’t let him deliver the answer to Daniel’s prayer. Finally, God sent Michael the arch angel and his armies to attack the demonic prince of Persia so Gabriel could deliver Daniel’s answer. Wow!

As we read this story, we learn five important, instructive and encouraging truths about prayer.

1. When we pray, God often sends answers right away.

Sometimes, when answers are slow to arrive, I wonder if God heard me or if for some reason He is not responding to my desperate pleas. I am encouraged to pray when I remember that from the very moment that Daniel began to fast and pray, God heard and sent an answer.

2. Prayer can spark spiritual warfare.

When you pray, you are doing more than getting a load off your chest. You could be causing angels and demons to fly, spiritual armies to fight, and war to break out in the heavens!

3. Answered prayer may get hindered by spiritual warfare.

Why do we pray and seemingly nothing happens? According to Daniel 10, it could be because of spiritual warfare. Maybe God did send an angel with our answer, but the enemy sent demons to oppose the angel and keep the answer from breaking through.

4. Answered prayer is aided by persistence in prayer and fasting.

Daniel persevered in prayer and fasting for twenty-one days before his answer arrived. He prayed until something happened.

I wonder what would have happened if Daniel had stopped praying before the answer came. Would God have sent Michael to help? Would Gabriel have been able to get through with the answer?

5. Fasting may be a significant aid in answered prayer.

We will discuss fasting more in a few days, but for now we should realize that this incredible set of events occurred when Daniel humbled himself through fasting (Daniel 10:12). Daniel not only prayed until something happened, he also fasted until something happened.

Amazing things happen when we pray. Answers to prayers may be sent and spiritual warfare may be going on. Angels get involved. Good angels aid the delivery of answers to prayer. Evil angels or demons hinder answered prayer. Let me encourage you to keep on praying until the answer comes.

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